Welcome to SMAK Incorporated Detasseling

If you are looking for a temporary job during the summer of 2019 , you have come to the right place. As a first year, 14 year old detassler, you can expect to earn $500.00 or more if you work each day. Some of our experienced detasslers earned $1,000.00 or more last summer. It pays to detassel with SMAK!

Why Detassel? Break up that boring
summer routine
Become more

Many of our employees use detasseling as a great way to earn the cash necessary to make it through the school year. Because of their involvement in sports or music or cheerleading or any other extra curricular activity; they are not able to earn money during the school year. You will work for a short period of time (about two weeks) and earn a substantial amount of money. Where else can you do this? Welcome to SMAK Detasseling.

Use SMAK inc. as a reference for future employment Short work span - Earn hundreds of $$$ Meet new people!