Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do we start working?
  2. Where do we do this work?
  3. Can I work with my friends?
  4. How often do we get paid?
  5. What exactly is detasseling?
  6. How long do we work each day?
  7. What time do we arrive home each day?
  8. How many days long is the season
  9. Do I have to work every day?
  10. What should I wear?
  1. Detasseling is dependent on the weather so it is impossible to predict an exact starting date. Employees need to view the Announcements page at starting on July 1, 2019 . Updates on the progress of the cornfields will be posted as well as starting dates for each crew.
  2. The fields are located in Jackson, Minnesota area.
  3. We encourage groups of friends to work together.
  4. One paycheck will be issued at the conclusion of the season. In the past paychecks have been sent to employees within a few days of the end of the detasseling season.
  5. Detasseling is a process that helps seed corn companies produce the corn necessary to plant next year’s crop. Farmers will purchase the seed that we produce and plant in the fields. By pulling the tassel out of the four “female” rows, we are not allowing the “female” rows to pollinate themselves. Without a tassel, they will be pollinated by the “male” row. Detasseling machines pull most of the tassels out of the “female” rows before any human detasselers enter the field. Once we enter a field with our crews, we simply have to walk down each row and pull the tassels from the “female” rows that the machines have missed.
  6. There is no exact cut off time at the end of the day. There is a certain amount of work that must be done each day. When it is completed – we go home. Generally speaking, we want to be finished around 2:00 pm and then get on the bus and go home. Some days may be shorter and some days may be longer than this.
  7. Once again, arrival time at home will vary each day depending on the amount of work that must be completed. Generally speaking, it will be between 2 and 4 pm.
  8. Historically, the detasseling season has ranged from seven to twenty-one days. Most years, the season will last about two weeks. Corn maturation rates depend on many factors; such as moisture, heat units, soil conditions and others so it is difficult the exact number of days for the season.
  9. No employee is ever forced to work. We encourage employees to be at work each day, and pay them extra for doing so. However, we do understand that in some cases it is not possible to work each and every day. We do not penalize a worker for missing a day of work.
  10. Most detasselers start out in the morning with some type of rain/dew protective clothing and possibly a light sweatshirt. An old, closed toe, tie-on tennis shoe or work boot is best. Jeans and long sleeved shirts prevent corn rash. As the day heats up, extra clothing can be removed. Jeans and long sleeved shirts are recommended while detasseling.