Safety Training

All employees of SMAK inc. must read the contents of this page and confirm on the application that they have done so.

On the first day of employment, detasselers will be given training on pesticide safety, as well as training on other safety practices used during detasseling. Other topics covered include weather safety, preventing heat exhaustion, bus transportation safety, field safety and worker safety.

Avoid Sunburn:

Use Sunscreen

Bus transportation is a service offered by SMAK inc. to all employees as a means of arriving at the work site. Employees must act in a manner that is not distracting to the bus driver. It is important that all passengers are protected; therefore, any throwing of objects within the bus is cause for immediate dismissal of the offending party. Also, in the interest of protecting other motorists on the road, no objects shall be thrown out of the windows or doors of the bus. This will also result in the dismissal of the offender. 

In both cases, the offender will be responsible for any and all damages and/or injuries caused by their actions.

Drinking Water

is the Key

to Health 

If it is determined that an employee intentionally damages property belonging to SMAK inc., the seed corn company or any growers, that employee will be held responsible for any and all damages. No paychecks will be issued to that employee until the cost of the damages is determined and the proper deductions from the paycheck are withheld. If the amount of the damages exceed the amount of the earnings; further actions will be pursued by SMAK inc. 

Ban Corn Rash:


Mosquito nets must be worn over the face any time  SMAK employees are detasseling or around workers who are detasseling. These nets have proven to reduce and virtually eliminate face and eye injuries. The company will provide the first net to you free of charge. If you lose your net you will be charged $3.00 for a replacement. You may not work without a mosquito net. Sunglasses will not be an acceptable substitute for a mosquito net. 

Get Plenty

of Rest