Pay Schedule


Duty Regular Wage Highest potential wage Lowest potential Wage
All Detasslers $10.00 per hour $12.00 per hour $8.00 Per hour

Any worker who chooses to work for SMAK detasseling for 3 days or less will be paid at a rate of $8.00 per hour for all hours worked

In order for a worker to be paid the Sunday wage the worker must have also worked complete days on the Saturday before and the Monday after the Sunday. sentence If either Saturday or the Monday is missed and the worker does work on Sunday, the Sunday wage will be $9 or $10 per hour for detasslers or $11 per hour for checkers.

Workers will be paid starting when the day begins at the field site. Workers will continue being paid through all water breaks and during a fifteen-minute mid-morning break. Workers will then continue to be paid until they complete their work in the field for that day with breaks being taken as needed. The Supervisor records the exact field departure time for each employee so small variations in work time for the day may occur from worker to worker. The nature of the job creates several small rest breaks during the regular workday, which will be paid by the employer. Each worker is responsible for checking his or her hours on the daily timesheet at the end of the day and signing off on them.
Medicare and Social Security will be taken out of your check. No other deductions will be taken.
Expect your paycheck within two weeks of the end of the detasseling season. Normally it is only a few days.
Workers must have completed and delivered the I-9 and W-4 to SMAK Inc before a paycheck will be issued. Once an I-9 is on file at SMAK Inc only a new W-4 will be needed in subsequent years. All paychecks are void if not cashed within 60 days. A photocopy of your social security card and driver’s license (permit) must be on file at SMAK.
All workers under the age of 18 years old must sign and return to SMAK Inc the Parent/Guardian Permission Form before beginning employment.
All workers need to sign and return to Smak Inc the UNDERSTANDING THE PROCEDURES form. Your signature verifies that you have read and agree to the information on the page labeled SMAK INC 2018 PAY SCHEDULE and the DETASSELING INFORMATION page.
Any missing forms or identification will cause a delay in processing your paycheck. Federal and state laws strictly require employers to obtain and keep this information on file for each employee.